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Data Collection and Privacy Policy


Who We Are

This website is maintained by the Economic Development Department for the City of Spokane Valley. Our website address is:


Privacy and Security

If a user browses the City website or downloads data, some information will be collected automatically. This information will not identify the user personally. It is collected to help the city identify what information on the website is accessed most often and how the website could be improved to enhance users’ experience. The following information is collected each time someone visits a City website:

  • The Internet domain name (e.g. or from which a user accesses the City website. Note: this is not an internet address;
  • The Internet protocol address from which a visitor connects to the City website. The IP address is a number assigned to a user’s computer or provided by an Internet service provider whenever someone browses the Internet. The City uses this address to send data users request back to them;
  • The type of browser used to visit the City website;
  • The type of operating system used;
  • The date and time a user visits the City website;
  • The specific pages visited on the City website; and
  • If a visitor linked to the City website from another website, the address of that site.

The information above may be collected by a third party so that the City may improve the ease of use and efficiency of our websites. The City of Spokane Valley uses Google Analytics to collect this information and their privacy policy can be found here.


Personal Information

In some cases a user may choose to provide the City or its agents (this includes private vendors or organizations in which the city contracts to provide online services or manage data systems), with personal information, by filling out an online form, sending an email to us through a City website, or subscribing to a City email or other mailing service. This may consist of information such as name, address, phone number or email address. The information provided will be used only for a specific purpose, in most cases to enable the City to provide requested information. However, once submitted, that information becomes a public record subject to disclosure. Unless otherwise identified at the time of collection, the City will not provide notice of any requests or disclosure of personal information. If interested in what third party(s) assist the City in the collection and distribution of information please contact us at

Users may review any personal information the City or its agents collect about them and may recommend changes to any personal information by submitting a written request. Usually, a user can change his or her personal information directly by accessing his/her established user account. If a user believes his/her personal information is being used for a purpose other than what was intended when submitted, the user should contact the City Human Resources Manager by calling (509) 720-5111. In all cases, the City will take reasonable steps to verify a user’s identify before granting access or making corrections.


Private Vendors

The City may use private vendors to provide online services as a means to reduce costs and improve services. These vendors are acting on behalf of the City and will abide by the relevant City policies. Copies of private vendors’ privacy policies are available upon request.

Subscribers have the permanent option to unsubscribe from any subscription services offered. Subscribers may at any time modify their contact information or remove their address entirely from the system.


Site Security

The City has taken steps to safeguard the information on its site. Security measures are taken as a part of the implementation of all City software and hardware infrastructure to mitigate risk. The City, however, cannot warrant as fail-proof the security of information collected or provided via this website. Unauthorized attempts to change information on this site or upload information are strictly prohibited. The City’s privacy and security policy does not apply to externally hosted sites or applications.


Sharing of Information

When the City allows its staff members to communicate potentially confidential data over the Internet, authentication procedures and encryption schemes for potentially confidential data must be in place.


The City may electronically share information between programs with related missions when the purpose for such sharing is to improve service delivery.