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Tourism Has a New Look In Spokane Valley

Spokane Valley Tourism is ready for its big moment. The City of Spokane Valley is a place we are proud to call home, and now we can share it with a broader audience in an exciting way. We can’t take all the credit; this was a group effort with the City of Spokane Valley and the Tourism Promotion Area (TPA) Commission, who weighed in with invaluable insights and perspectives. We see you, and we thank you. Welcome to this exciting new era of Spokane Valley Tourism.

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A New Way to Tour Spokane Valley

The marketing genius behind “Discover the Valley” is 116 & West, a full-service advertising agency with offices in Boise and Spokane. In addition to the custom typeface, brand elements and social media pages, their team also designed and developed the look and feel of this website! 116 & West has decades of experience executing marketing campaigns across several industries, including tourism and travel. They were a perfect partner for this tourism project due to their expertise in the region and the endless creativity they brought to the table.

The brand elements of “Discover the Valley” were gleaned from the team’s insights and informed by research and data. The “V” icon and the location marker (the circular stamp that says Spokane Valley, WA) are reminiscent of a vintage postcard with a modern look and feel. The idea behind this design is to position the Valley as a tourist destination. With everything there is to do here, it warrants more than a day trip and at least a long weekend. Various attributes of the Valley were identified, and every aspect of what it means to “Discover the Valley” was researched and collected for the new website. The best way to visually display the essence of Valley tourism was determined and the easiest way for prospective visitors to find what they’re looking for. 116 & West helped us present our tourism with facts that were here all along–we just needed to find a way to say it. The Valley is a family-friendly regional hub perfect for a weekend getaway or a business trip, drawing visitors due to its navigability and hassle-free experiences. We are especially excited to welcome visitors from central Washington, northern Idaho, western Montana, and southern Canada who may not have Spokane Valley on their radar. We have a hunch they will discover us soon enough.


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What the Valley Has to Offer

Spokane Valley has four seasons of fun for every budget and interest. It has a small-town charm, but don’t let that fool you. The wineries near the Valley are some of the best in the entire region, boasting varietals that embody Washington’s terroir. Visitors and locals alike love the retail therapy available at the Spokane Valley Mall. It has four department stores, Macy’s, JC Penney, Nordstrom Rack, and TJ Maxx, 115 specialized retail stores, a Regal Cinema with 12 screens, a food court, and seasonal outlets.

Outdoor enthusiasts take advantage of the Valley’s proximity to hiking and mountain biking trails and the Centennial Trail, a popular paved trail along the Spokane River. Five ski resorts are within two hours of the Valley when the flakes start to fall.

The Valley’s convenience is its strength. Parking is a breeze, and most hotels are located close to I-90. The Valley is quiet yet also close to the action of Spokane. If you want to see a concert or visit a museum in Spokane, you can be there in about ten to fifteen minutes. Finally, the Valley has a crime rate far lower than the national average, making it a safe, stress-free destination.


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Customize Your Trip

The most exciting part of the new tourism website is the ability to customize your trip. You can easily figure out what to do, what to eat, and where to stay.

On each page, filtering options will show you what you need and nothing you don’t. For example, there is no point in showing you the “family-friendly” options on the Regional Attractions page if you’re traveling solo. If you’re looking to visit the Valley for all of its hiking and biking trails, you can filter by season to determine the best ones. When looking for hotels to stay in, you can filter your search by price, ranging from $-$$$, and select attractive amenities such as complimentary breakfast or an indoor pool. If you’re looking to plan a conference in the Valley, and many businesses do, you can see which hotels have meeting spaces that will best accommodate your group.

We did our best to include the most accurate information for every restaurant and hotel on our new website. If you’re a business owner of one of these hotels or restaurants, you can update your listing here.


What’s Next

We have a secret to share – yes, there’s more. Coming soon: the Virtual Visitor’s Center. This will be a dedicated place where you can build a customized itinerary based on your preferences. You’ll have everything you need to Discover the Valley that’s suited to your favorite foods, budget, and activities. Stay tuned! In the meantime, stay up to date on the latest tourism in the Valley by following us on Facebook and Instagram.

Tourism Has a New Look In Spokane Valley

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