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From Race Day to Relaxation: A Guide to Bloomsday Weekend in Spokane Valley

Each year, as the frost of winter thaws into the warmth and new growth of spring, the Inland Northwest gears up for its iconic annual event—the Bloomsday Run. Nearing five decades since its inception, Bloomsday has blossomed into a beloved tradition in the region. The event, organized by the Lilac Bloomsday Association, is more than just a race—it’s a celebration of health, fitness, and community spirit.

This year, on Sunday, May 5, lace up your running shoes and join thousands of others for a memorable journey through the streets of neighboring Spokane. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or a casual jogger, the 12K (7.46 miles) caters to everyone’s skill level. Gathered from far and wide, Bloomsday brings together a vibrant community of participants, uniting locals and visitors alike. In fact, in 2022, over 8,000 out-of-towners partook in the event—an impressive 34.78% of the total attendees.

This influx of visitors presents an opportunity for travelers to explore the vibrant offerings of Spokane Valley next door. With free parking and quick freeway access, your travels within and beyond the Valley are hassle-free. Plus, with lodging, dining, and shopping significantly less crowded than in Spokane, you’re in for a streamlined experience. The Valley is not merely a convenient place to stay during Bloomsday; it’s a community that embraces the spirit of this event, inviting participants to enjoy the best of both worlds—the thrill of the race and the serene, welcoming environment of the Valley.

Getting to the Race

Better yet, to ensure reliable transportation to the run, Spokane Transit Authority offers a special Bloomsday shuttle service with convenient pickup locations, including the Spokane Valley Mall. With a nominal fee of $2.00 (complimentary for youth 18 and under), accessibility is at the forefront.

Before the Race

Visitors can savor the calm before the rush of race day by exploring one of the nearby trails in the Valley. Conveniently located within walking distance of many hotels, the Centennial Trail and Appleway Trail provide the perfect opportunity to sneak in a pre-race walk, jog, or run.

Centennial Trail

The Centennial Trail, spanning 40 miles and 526 acres, stretches along some of the most scenic outdoor areas in the region, offering an array of recreational opportunities for enthusiasts of all ages. Its seamless connection to a variety of city parks, state parks, and trailheads (with secured parking) ensures your adventure is as broad and varied as the stunning views it boasts. The first 14 miles of the trail (from the state line) are currently closed for repaving, so be sure to plan your access and route in advance.

Appleway Trail

Carving 5.8 miles through the heart of the Valley, the Appleway Trail is another great option in the Valley for bikers of all ages. This trail parallels historic Sprague Avenue as it winds through an old railroad right-of-way. It similarly provides a smooth and safe route for any of your pre- or post-Bloomsday activities. Like the Centennial Trail, it features dedicated parking, ensuring convenient access without the hassle of long commutes.

With their gentle stretches and scenic overlooks, the Centennial and Appleway trails offer a fantastic backdrop for runners, walkers, and joggers of all levels to get their muscles moving and hearts pumping. Whether you’re looking for an intense run or a short walk to clear your mind before the big race, these trails are the perfect complement to your active lifestyle.

Toast Yourself!

Once you’ve crossed the Bloomsday finish line, raise a glass to your triumphs at any of the Valley’s numerous local breweries. Each presents its own unique charm and an impressive selection of craft beers that reflect the creativity and spirit of the city. Sip on a crisp lager, a hoppy IPA, or a rich stout as you relive the race highlights with fellow runners or your cheering squad. These welcoming establishments are not just about the beer; they’re about celebrating community, achievements, and the simple pleasures in life. Places like TT’s Old Iron Brewery and BBQ, Craft & Gather, and Iron Horse Bar & Grill also offer sun-soaked patios ideal for your celebratory drink.

Refuel Your Body

When hunger strikes, unwind and indulge in the valley’s diverse culinary scene. Whether you’re in the mood for a gourmet burger, artisan pizza, or a farm-to-table experience, the eateries here are prepared to deliver dishes that will make your taste buds rejoice. From cozy cafes to elegant restaurants, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

As you toast under the towering pines or dine in the intimate ambiance of a local bistro, the Valley offers the perfect backdrop to rest after a thrilling day. This is where the day’s physical exertions transition into an evening of good food and drinks, laughter and relaxation.

Settle in for Sweet Slumber

To cap off an action-packed day, return to your hotel where comforts like hot tubs await to soothe your muscles, preparing you for another day of exploration. Or, consider exploring the local shops to further soak in the charm of Spokane Valley. Our hotels are not only convenient, with free parking and quick freeway access, but they’re also located near everything you need for a perfect stay, including dining, shopping, and more.

Visit Anytime!

In the Valley, our invitation to stay active extends well beyond the Bloomsday run. With a landscape rich in beauty, a community warm in hospitality, and a variety of attractions catering to all interests, our city stands as a destination ripe with opportunities for discovery and enjoyment. We look forward to welcoming you this spring, where adventure meets comfort in the heart of the Inland Northwest.

From Race Day to Relaxation: A Guide to Bloomsday Weekend in Spokane Valley

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